Cultural Events

Nights of Kukulkan is a fascinating night tour around the Great Pyramid of Chichen Itza and an audio-visual show, better known as videomapping, projected every day starting at 8:00 pm. Exploring archaeological sites in the morning is an adventure, but at night the darkness creates a mystical atmosphere. It is a enchanting experience that highlights the spectacular stars in the sky, giving us an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Echoes of Uxmal consists of a night visit inside this impressive archaeological site, which is currently one of the most important constructions of the Mayan culture. The audio-visual show or videomapping is projected onto the walls of the temples, buildings, and structures of the site, and with the voice narrative, you will learn more about the history of the Mayan culture in a magical atmosphere. Be sure to live this experience!

Pasos de Luz, which means Steps of Light, is an audio-visual show in the Dzibilchaltun archaeological site that started projecting from October 15, 2022. This audio-visual is permanent and involves a walk of approximately 1.5 km that takes about an hour. Its objective is to take tourists to get to know the environment and historical aspects of the archaeological site during the night and in an immersive way. Steps of Light consists of six "stops" or stations, and in each one, you can observe the videomapping projected onto trees and archaeological buildings, all with music, sound effects, and narrations. The tour covers some of the main spaces of the area, such as the sacbé, the cenote, the central square, the chapel, the pyramid, and the house of the seven dolls. It is designed for groups of between 30 and 50 people.

There are four Magical Towns, but none as peculiar as Izamal and its characteristic yellow-painted facades. "Senderos de Luz", or Paths of Light, lasts 90 minutes and consists of four stops with mini projections that start from the Canyons Park. On the walk, you will enter a “journey” through time to learn about the history of Izamal, important historical figures, and the golden era of Green Gold when the henequen industry was at its peak. Additionally, you can learn curious facts about the houses in the Historic Center.

The Magical Town of Valladolid offers the video mapping show "Nights of Heroic Valladolid", which is projected onto the San Bernardino de Siena ex-convent, a unique structure that tells the history of the ancient Maya, their connection with nature, and the colonial era that gave rise to the town we are now. Enjoy this spectacle every day from Monday to Sunday at 9:00 pm in Spanish and at 9:25 pm in English.

The Gabriel Vicente Gahona "Picheta" craft market and exhibition center, opens 365 days a year and is located right in front of the Plaza Grande, in the heart of Merida. In this exhibition center, where there are crafts for sale, visitors also enjoy artistic events that have made it a local meeting point. In addition, every day around 8:00 pm, tourists can enjoy the projection of a brief videomapping where you can see images of Kukulkan, the feathered serpent, descending from the Chichen Itza pyramid. A brief but interesting event.

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One of the objectives of Cultur, since its creation, is the dissemination of knowledge about the historical values of Maya culture. That is why we have recreated some of the Maya legends or myths through a series of audio stories, which represent a portrait of our popular culture and allow us to understand the roots that give us a very particular identity compared to other cultures. Like all legends, Maya legends contain magical or supernatural aspects that distinguish them. In them, the Maya people highlight themes such as their worldview, beliefs, and deities. We invite you to listen to the stories and enjoy them by clicking on this space.