The museum has three showrooms:

Nunca en el mundo

Esta tarde vi llover (Yesterday I heard the rain)

Por debajo de la mesa

Duration:approximately 40 minutes


Paseo 60 Mall,
Located on Calle 60; between 35 and Av. Colón, Mérida, Yucatán.


From Tuesday to Sunday
09:00 to 22:30 hours.

Maximum capacity: 13 people.

Ticket Office
Commercial Area

On December 11st, 2020, this cultural space was inaugurated as a tribute to one of the great Yucatecan singer-songwriters, being himself during the event.

“"It's good that in these times they are recognizing the authors, especially those who are alive," The artist expressed that day. He passed away on December 28th, 2020; days after his 85th birthday.

About the Museum:

Near the Paseo de Montejo, in the center of Mérida, is the shopping plaza “Paseo 60”. It is here where the Casa Manzanero is located, where the visitor will find the legacy that the singer-songwriter left for humanity.

The museum's objective is to preserve and disseminate the talent of the singer-songwriter, as well as his artistic sensitivity and charisma that has inspired and will continue to inspire future generations.

The museum has three rooms, named after some of his successful compositions:
• Nunca en el mundo
• Esta tarde vi llover (Yesterday I heard the rain)
• Por debajo de la mesa

About the artist:

Armando Manzanero Canché was born in Ticul, Yucatán, he was a composer, singer, actor, musician and record producer, considered by specialists and musicians as one of the most successful composers in the world's history.

He wrote more than four hundred songs, of which more than fifty achieved international fame, among them: Somos novios (It's imposible), , Esta tarde vi llover (Yesterday I Heard the Rain) , Contigo aprendí y Adoro. Many of his compositions were performed by international stars. His poetry combined with his music, made him considered the "King of Romanticism".

In 1970, the American singer-songwriter Sid Wayne, who composed songs for Elvis Presley, covered his song "Somos novios" in English, naming it "It's impossible".

In 1978 he won first place at the Mallorca Festival in Spain with the song "Señor amor". In 1982, the song "Corazón amigo" takes the honors at the Yamaha Festival.

Many of his songs were performed by Luis Miguel with his "Romances", despite the differences between the singers, Luis Miguel did not hesitate to defend Armando Manzanero, when faced with an uncomfortable question about Manzanero's short stature: "If you can measure his head height to the sky, I think he is taller than you".

Sure, you will be enchanted!