Cultur recognizes 42 employees who completed between 10 and 30 years of service in the unit
Jueves 01 de Junio de 2023

Today, Cultur recognized its staff, 42 workers from various areas, for fulfilling 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of effective service in the unit.

The event of delivery of the recognitions and the corresponding economic stimuli, according to the seniority, which took place in the Dzibilchaltún Hall of the Siglo XXI Convention Center, was in charge of the general director Mauricio Díaz Montalvo, who thanked them. Congratulations! Congratulations!

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Cultur reports good progress in the video mapping of San Gervasio in Valladolid

It involves a technical-scientific process and complicated design and production
Jueves 25 de Mayo de 2023

Mérida, Yucatán, May 25, 2023. In relation to the note published today in its medium (Diario de Yucatán) with the title of "Wait of four months of a video mapping", in which it is indicated that in this project contemplated for the temple of San Gervasio it is not yet specified and that there are still no works or adaptations and equipment, Cultur wishes to specify the following:

It is important to note that projects of this nature require a series of processes, permits, production, etc., that take time, which began at the beginning of the year when it was announced.

For example, to install the booth where the equipment will be, which are very sophisticated, a permit is required, which after studying its location is granted. We have already worked, as a team with the authorities of INAH-Yucatan, and soon it will be obtained, so that construction can begin, in which we will have the support of the City Council of Valladolid.

While the above is being done, work has also been done in parallel on the production of the video that is practically ready, but it will also have to go through the approval of the aforementioned federal authority that is in the best disposition to support the project; They have already made some observations and the adjustments and adjustments are being processed, so that everything is as it should be and then it can be projected.

What does it mean to make a video mapping?

Doing a job of this magnitude is not as simple as it might seem, it requires a technical-scientific work such as producing the animated part, taking care that there is a perfect splicing of it with the audio or narration, and that all the images are consistent with the narrative.

The script requires research work and the music used has to be original, for the issue of copyright, so it must be commissioned to professionals for its production.

We understand that many people would like to see this cultural spectacle, and we ask for your understanding for the time it takes, but for all that it implies it has to be done with all the thoroughness it deserves. As an example is the videomapping of Dzibilchaltún that its creation took about 12 months.

Finally, it should be noted that this video mapping will be added to the existing ones of "Nights of Kukulkan", "Echoes of Uxmal", "Steps of Light" in Dzibilchaltún, "Paths of Light" in Izamal, "The Heroic Night" which is also in Valladolid, and "Nights of the Picheta Passage".

In short, it remains to say that there is already a good progress in this project and that soon people will be delighted with this cultural event that will be screened in the temple of San Gervasio.

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INAH-Yucatan and Cultur expand from 560 to 1,000 the capacity for video-mapping in La Noche Blanca

This will serve those who registered on the portal of the City of Merida
Viernes 05 de Mayo de 2023

Mérida, Yucatán, May 5, 2023. After the INAH-Yucatan and Cultur reported that they will offer 9 free functions of the video mapping "Steps of Light in Dzibilchaltún", as a contribution to expand the range of cultural events offered in "The White Night" that will be held by the City of Mérida on Saturday 23 of the currents, the tickets were sold out practically in two days.

Initially it was reported that tickets would be delivered in advance, from Tuesday 2 to Wednesday 10 May at the reception of Cultur, and at the Parador de Dzibilchaltún.

However, in order to meet the demand of people who registered on the City Council portal, INAH-Yucatan and Cultur agreed to expand the capacity from 560 to 1,000 people.

It should be noted that the tickets are already sold out and that this expansion of the number of free tickets will apply exclusively to those who are already registered on the page of the municipal authority.

For this to be possible, the route of the audio-light show will only not cover the stop at the cenote, since for security reasons no more than 60 people can be in this space, and now the groups will be more numerous per shift.

It is recalled that the first function, on the date already indicated, will be at 7:30 at night and the next eight will be every 15 minutes (7:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 8:00 pm, etc.). It is suggested that they be a little before each time, so that the accesses are in an orderly manner.

As reported at the time, in order to give opportunity to the largest number of families, the maximum number of tickets will be four per person, prior identification.

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INAH Yucatan and Cultur in the White Night: Free 9 functions of "Steps of Light in Dzibilchaltún"

Tickets will be delivered from May 2 to 10
Viernes 28 de Abril de 2023

Mérida, Yucatán, April 28, 2023. In order to contribute to the cultural events that will be offered in "La Noche Blanca", organized by the City of Mérida, and which will take place next Saturday, May 23, the delegation of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH-Yucatán) and Cultur agreed to offer 9 free functions of the video mapping "Steps of Light",  which is projected in the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltún.

This represents a great opportunity to enjoy a charming quality cultural show in a mystical atmosphere of stories, sounds, lights and colors. With this contribution, the range of traditional events such as music, theater, poetry, literature, etc. is expanded.

The first performance, on the date already indicated, will be at 7:30 at night and the next eight will be every 15 minutes (7:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 8:00 pm, etc.). It is suggested that they be a little before each time, so that the accesses are in an orderly manner.

Places to pick up tickets

It is important to note that tickets will be delivered in advance, from Tuesday, May 2 to Wednesday, May 10, at the following locations:

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the reception of the Cultur offices, located at the Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention Center, at Calle 60 Norte Number 299 E, Ex Cordemex, Colonia Revolución; and from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Parador de Dzibilchaltún, about 15 minutes, north of the Yucatecan capital.

Up to 4 tickets per person

In order to give opportunity to the largest number of families, the maximum number of tickets will be four per person. Those interested must present an official identification and a register of beneficiaries will be made.

Tours with groups of 60 people

Each tour will be done with a maximum of 60 people, so that it is safe and you can better enjoy the audio-light show.

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